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Ramona Escobar

Ramona Escobar
Ramona Escobar
First appearance: BLOOD CALLS

Birthplace: Spanish Harlem, NY
Date: June 11, 1978
Current Life: Artist

Eyes: Hazel Height: About 5’7″
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a rose on her shoulder

Books in which Ramona has appeared:
Ramona first appeared in BLOOD CALLS. I hope to have Ramona appear in other books soon!

A gifted artist, Ramona has had a hard luck life. Her father died when she was young, forcing her mother and her to scrape by. Her mother developed Alzheimer’s shortly thereafter, requiring lots of care and forcing Ramona to turn to a local gang for support.

Ramona's colorful clothes are an outward expression of her artistic senseHer involvement with the gang leads to a stint in juvenile detention, but exposes her to her gift for art. It also exposes her to Diego Rivera when he comes to her art school to look for works to acquire for his gallery.

Ramona is intrigued by the elegant gallery owner, but knows he is out of her league. She’s from the barrio and he has obviously known nothing but wealth. Besides, he’s clearly in love with Esperanza and Ramona doesn’t poach.

Now and up and coming artist thanks to Diego’s exposure of her works at his gallery, Ramona will face yet more challenges in her life — surviving a rare form of anemia that is robbing her of life and attacks from an eccentric millionaire who hired her to make copies of some masters.

The millionaire appears to have sold her copies as originals and Ramona vows to prove that she didn’t commit art fraud before she dies.

She won’t have to battle alone as Diego will be at her side, but will he forgive her when she tells him she is dying? Or can she forgive Diego when he reveals his true nature to her?