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cps2Fury Calls
by Caridad Pineiro
March 2009
Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN 0373618077

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Four years ago, overcome by hunger, Blake Richards took too much from a young woman, and turned her to save her life. Now Meghan Thomas is like him, a vampire…and their initial attraction has turned to anger and distrust. She hates what he has made her, but when a vicious killer threatens Manhattan’s vampire community, Meghan has no choice but to turn to him—her sire.

Blake is reckless and brash. Meghan is young and untried. Alone, they are no match for the killer. But with the fates of humans and vampires alike depending on them, their only hope is to trust in their blood bond.

4.5 Stars RT Bookclub: Piñeiro infuses her vampires with very human feelings, making her paranormal story seem realistic. It’s a great read! For the complete review, please click here.

4.5 Stars Huntress Reviews: “(T)his story rocks! . . . This author has created a vampire world that is more believable than most of the others on the market. An absolutely fantastic read! For the complete review, please click here.

Cataromance Reviews: “Readers rejoice! The Calling series is back with more dynamic characters and a particularly chilling storyline . . . FURY CALLS is poignantly moving plus frighteningly gripping, and will stay with you long after the last word is read.” For the complete review, please click here.

Genre Go Round: “This excellent vampire romantic suspense stars two vamps in love, but from the first their relationship seems stuck in negativity . . . As always with the “Calling” saga, Caridad Pineiro provides a strong erotic romance filled with plenty of action on the streets of Manhattan and deep characters.” For the complete review, please click here.



Her deadly kiss was near, but he welcomed it.

He buried his fangs deep in her breast as she held him the way a mother might cradle a child while he fed on milk-spiced blood. But then she gently eased his head back, enough to expose the rising pulse beating at his neck. Bending her head, she sank her fangs through the fragile barrier of his skin.

Blood rushed, hot and sweet, awakening the kind of passion that only vampires could share. The little love drug he had added to their drinks earlier that night also ramped up the passion surging through their bodies. As his partner murmured a growly complaint that she was still hungry, he said, “It’s the juice. It’ll pass once you sip a little more.”

And once he had a little more, he thought as he tried to sate his need from her sweet breast. When they finally ripped away from each other their bodies were supercharged — sexually and violently. Fangs stained crimson from their feast retracted as they surged together for a kiss, bodies naked and heated from the torrent of immortal blood rushing through their veins and the potent chemical mix of the drug.

Over and over they kissed, licking the last remnants of blood from their lips, but soon that wasn’t enough once again.

He pulled away from her, unseeing of anything other than the perfection of her body as he trailed his hands across warm skin, flush with the life bestowed by his blood. He kissed the tip of the breast where he had been feeding just moments earlier.

There wasn’t even a hint of his bite there since she had already healed.

He suckled the tip and she moaned, reached down and unerringly found the head of his erection and stroked it, pulling a needy groan from him.

Their passion was too great for prolonged foreplay, he knew. Besides, his blood seemed to be sizzling in his veins from the demand to devour every part of her in every possible way.

He dragged her beneath him and onto the plush cushions of the settee in their private dining room and without further delay, drove into her, seeking satisfaction.

His thrusts grew stronger, more violent, yanking a strangled gasp from her as the craving to feed rose again, potent and more demanding than anything he had ever experienced before. For a fleeting moment, he wondered how long it would take for the kick of the drug they had ingested earlier to subside.

He shook his head, nearly lightheaded from the strength of his medicated lust, so great that he felt that if he didn’t taste her life’s blood again, he would die from the want of it.

As his gaze met hers, he realized she was feeling the same overwhelming pull of hunger.

Surging toward one another, they bared their fangs once again and attacked, fury replacing any other wants, driving them to the darkest corners of their immortal kind.

Chapter One

With a flip of her wrist, Meghan Thomas tossed the porcini mushrooms in the saute pan. The brandy she had added to the pan flared up with a quick flash of fire before it burned off.

She placed the pan back onto the flame and was just adding some cream to reduce with the mushrooms for a sauce when she sensed it.

Meghan didn’t really know what “it” was, but her vampire powers were telling her that something very wrong had occurred. The other vamps in the kitchen sensed it as well. From the bus boys to the waiter who paused by the doors to the other vamp chef a few stations down, they all had become aware of something odd. It had to be something powerfully wrong for the vampires of all ages, even someone as new as her to the undead world, to feel “it”.

She took the pan off the flame and put it to the side just as Diego Rivera, part owner of the restaurant and her mentor of sorts, pushed through the door into the kitchen. Diego looked around as if to see if the source of the disturbance had come from within and then he faced her.

“Is everything okay in here, Meghan?”

Wiping her hands on the towel tucked into her apron, she walked to him and said, “Yes, but you feel something as well, don’t you?”

At his abrupt nod, she laid a hand on the sleeve of his expensive silk suit jacket and asked, “What was it?”

She had hoped that with his greater vampire age and therefore stronger powers, he would have known what had been the sensation that all of them had experienced, but the look on his face told her otherwise.

“I’ll find out,” Diego said, worry stamped onto his fine features. A deep furrow was etched between his brows as he pivoted on one heel and out of the kitchen, Meghan right behind him.

When he realized she was following, he stopped. “There’s no need for you to come with me.”

She searched his features and realized he was just trying to protect her much as he had for over four years now. Although she had appreciated that assistance before she had resigned herself to her new immortal life, it was long beyond the time for her to start being a help rather than a hindrance. “I can watch your back if need be. I’m not a newbie anymore.”

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