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Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera
First appearance: TEMPTATION CALLS

Birthplace: La Coruna, Spain
Date: November 14, 1460
Past Life: Spanish Lord

Eyes: Ice blue eyes Height: About 5’10”
Distinguishing Features: None

Books in which Diego has appeared:
Diego first appeared in TEMPTATION CALLS, had cameos in DEATH CALLS and DESIRE CALLS. Diego is the hero of BLOOD CALLS.

Betrayed by his wife during the Spanish Inquisition because of his marital infidelities, Diego vowed to become a better man and he has done just that — even if he is a vampire.

Elegant and lordly, Diego's past wealth and experience ooze from his vampire poresFor five hundred years he was loyal to Esperanza, the plain-faced servant girl who was kind to him during his torture.

After turning Esperanza and after his own long experience, he realizes just how hard eternity can be. How lonely. Diego fears that the endless nights and loneliness will turn him into a heartless elder like his friend Stacia.

If not for the fact that Fate has brought him together with Ryder Latimer and Diana Reyes, Diego might have lost his sanity and humanity after the loss of Esperanza in TEMPTATION CALLS.

Diego still loves the finer things and has used the experience gained while he was a Spanish Lord to open an art gallery in Soho. It is through the gallery that he meets Ramona Escobar, a gifted artist who intrigues him more than she should since Diego knows loving a human is insane.

Loving a human can only bring one thing . . . Pain.