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by Caridad Pineiro
November 2013
Entangled Ignite
ISBN 9781622663705

This re-release contains new bonus content with Southern vampire Ryder Latimer and FBI Agent Diana Reyes.

His life almost ended on a cold winter’s night during a botched FBI mission . . .

But even though he survived, FBI Agent David Harris would never be the same. Or so he thought. Nearly crippled by shrapnel from a bomb blast, David knows that something was not right about that night and blames his partner, Diana Reyes, for his injuries. With his life completely altered and his body confined to a wheelchair, David lets anger and distrust take over and ruin his relationship with his lover, FBI pathologist Maggie Gonzalez.

She was born to love him . . .

From the first, Maggie Gonzalez knew that kind, humorous, and courageous David Harris was the man for her. She couldn’t care less that David is in a wheelchair and hates that he’s withdrawn from her, thinking that he is less of a man. But when Maggie is bitten by a strange animal at a crime scene and turns to her friend Diana Reyes for help, their investigation will reveal that Maggie faces a scary future as a werewolf and a were serial killer is about to upset the delicate balance of were life in New York City.

She has lived and loved on the edge since falling in love with a vampire . . .

But FBI Agent Diana Reyes’s life is in peril after her blood was contaminated by vampire cells during the botched FBI raid that crippled her partner. And her unexpected, but joyful pregnancy with her vampire husband Ryder Latimer’s baby is stealing the last of her human strength. Will she give into the darkness of the underworld to save her life or sacrifice herself and her love for Ryder for the baby she is carrying?

Together the three will fight for each other and for those they were born to love in Manhattan’s underworld of vampires and shifters.