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August 8th, 2016
Heed the Call – Be Reborn


What’s the What with THE CALLING IS REBORN series

I’m am very excited to be in a new anthology – TAMING THE VAMPIRE – with a bunch of my friends who write vampire romance. My contribution to the collection is DARE TO LOVE, a new story in THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire series. Best of all, the anthology is only 99 cents for a limited time! You can read more about here: http://bit.ly/tamingvamp

DARE TO LOVE features vampire slayer Benjamin, a sexy alpha hero who first appeared in TO LOVE AND SERVE.

Today I have a little teaser and excerpt for you from that story, but a warning first. There is a SPOILER ahead so if you haven’t read the latest books in THE CALLING is REBORN series, please DO NOT READ this teaser.


    Months earlier, Slayer Council member Benjamin hadn’t been ready to die and begged for his life from a compassionate vampire. Being turned and living as a vampire had created a new hell for him, however. He was no longer welcome in the Council, but tolerated as their ranks had been depleted. He knew that it was just a matter of time until someone staked him, but he wanted to make the most of it, especially when it came to Slayer-in-training Rhiannon.

    Rhiannon had been attracted to Ben when he had been her instructor in the ways of the Slayers. His death had caused her grief, but his return was proving to be even more difficult as she battled her growing feelings for the Slayer-turned-vampire who was shaking up her beliefs in all that she had been taught.

    Can Ben and Rhiannon dare to defy the rules of the Slayers and find love or will Fate make them enemies sworn to kill one another?


Please click here if you cannot see the excerpt from DARE TO LOVE from TAMING THE VAMPIRE.

FIGHT FOR LOVE will be available in mid-2017

Thanks to those of you who have called to ask about FIGHT FOR LOVE, the next story in THE CALLING IS REBORN series. I have been working on this story and hope to have it for you in mid-spring 2017. The story has been harder to write than I thought due to work demands and other writing obligations, but I promise I will have it for you soon!

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